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100 Damaged Trees
100 sculptures (plaster and candle), video
Variable; 2′10″

The site filmed in the work is adjacent to the artist's childhood home, it has witnessed the relentless felling of trees and the subsequent transformation, orchestrated by neighboring residents to fulfill their own needs. Through this narrative, the artist grapples with the prevailing notion of human superiority, wherein mankind harnesses the ability to exploit and manipulate the resources around them, often dismissing the intrinsic value and rights of other living beings. 

The artist holds a profound belief that all beings possess their own inherent value and rights, advocating for a sense of reverence toward every creature. The artwork aims to dismantle the boundaries that separate humans from trees, animate from inanimate, and subject from object. It sheds light on the societal and cultural norms that assign social status and power only to human beings, disregarding the existence of the "other."

It urges viewers to reflect on their relationship with nature, fostering a collective responsibility to protect and honor the rights of the "other," even if it is perceived as a tree or any entity relegated to a subordinate or excluded status.

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